Lately, I’ve been craving a lot for cookies. Nothing in particular, just something that is soft and chewy and is loaded with deliciousness. I decided to make these red velvet cookies because I wanted the cocoa flavor in there, but not overpowering cocoa flavor and because these were fairly easy to make. I simply added Read More →

I love chocolate chip cookies! They’re my favorite ones next to the chocolate chunk cookies with macadamia nuts, but they’re both essentially the same thing lol. This chocolate chip cookie has just the right amount of chocolate to it. It’s there to give enough of the chocolaty feel, but does not take too much away Read More →

Ah the classics! They never get old! We had some cinnamon sugar mini donuts at work today and that reminded me of these similar tasting (but 20x awesome) cookies. The reward of being a baker is that you can bake anything any time of the day and still enjoy doing it (and the outcome lol). Read More →

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies 1

What’s white, chocolate-y and full of macadamia nuts!? Yes, I know! You’ve probably read the title of this post But I’ll have to give this one a grand introduction! So lo and behold! Bringing to you today is the richest of all cookies, so delicious – you cannot stop eating them and did I mention, Read More →

Twix Cookie Tarts

I love Twix! But then, who doesn’t? A layer of caramel joining that layer of crisp biscuit finger and chocolate! Yumm! There are all sorts of chocolate cookies out there like rolo cookies, ferrero rocher cookies and so on. I’m sure they’re all fantastic and put your mouth on an endless party mode, but these Read More →


I found this super cute cookie stamper and I knew immediately that I wanted to make cookies for my friend to bring home. This product is by SuckUk (I have no idea why it is called that) and they have three different messages that read “Eat Me”, “Homemade” and “I Love You”. Because I’m on a baking Read More →


This is by far the easiest recipe I’ve ever come across! Just perfect to quickly take care of a late night cookie craving (only if you like peanut butter). Now because it was late and I couldn’t find anything worthy of satisfying my sweet tooth, I had to go digging into my cabinet for anything sweet. Read More →