What a beautiful day today to blog about these absolutely gorgeous Oreo cupcakes Ever been to a birthday party or an event where Oreo cookie cupcakes were served that got you wondering how to make Oreo cupcakes? Well, being a baker, I feel like that is the first most reaction on looking at another baker’s Read More →

1 Canada Day Cupcakes

It’s the Canada Day long weekend here in Canada. With all the BBQs firing up everywhere and grilling of food, you cannot ignore this little sweet treat you can make that also goes so well with the occasion. I could have made the maple frosting to make it even more Canadian, but I decided to Read More →

Jos Louis Marshmallow cupcakes

Jos Louis is a very popular snack in the eastern part of Canada like Ontario and Quebec, but mostly Quebec from what I understood. When I first moved to Quebec, it was kind of expected from me to have Jos Louis and Pepsi for breakfast. No matter how much of a French stereotype that is, Read More →


As ironical as it may be, my very first cake recipe on my blog has a cream cheese frosting. Lol. I have always enjoyed red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting bought from various cake shops. What I was not aware of about the recipe, was the amount of red food coloring that goes into Read More →