This recipe is basically a variation of the vanilla buttercream icing I’ve posted before. The picture above features the Oreo cookie cupcakes. For this particular recipe, I’ve used Oreo cookies, but you can use any kind of cookies you like. The steps are pretty simple. Beat together butter and powdered sugar. Add in warm milk Read More →

Cinnamon sugar filling 1

Two simple ingredients, but so flavorful! You can use it as a filling in cinnamon rolls or as a coating on your pan for a banana bread loaf. I’ve used it in cinnamon rolls with strips of cooked chicken. Sweet and salty combinations always find their way to my mouth! Lol. I simply love it! Read More →

Blueberry Sauce 1 FEAT

This recipe is simply amazing! I love it soo much! It tastes so delicious, it’s unbelievable! The addition of orange juice to this recipe simple takes this sauce to a whole different level of awesome! This sauce goes well with pancakes, waffles, crepes and other goodies. It will also be good as a filling for Read More →

Cream cheese filling 1 FEAT

I’ll be very honest with you all. I do not like the tangy cream cheese flavor. On its own, I find it way too strong for to use on anything. This cream cheese filling, however, is so light in texture and slightly milder tasting than the real stuff. I used this on my blueberry cream Read More →

Jos louis Whoopie Piesw

I used this recipe to fill my Jos Louis cupcakes and whoopie pies I got from the left over batter, but I’m sure you can use this filling for practically anything. You can use it as a frosting on your cakes or to mix it in with your cake pops mix. The possibilities are endless. It Read More →

Chocolate Raspberry ganache

This ganache is to die for! It tastes heavenly! It will go well with almost anything from raspberry chocolate brownies to chocolate mayonnaise cake to Clementine! Yes, I said Clementine. You can use this ganache recipe as a dip for your fruits to give them that extra wow factor It is so delicious, you cannot get Read More →


This filling is best paired with a German chocolate cake, but in all reality, it will go well with absolutely anything. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5]