This recipe is basically a variation of the vanilla buttercream icing I’ve posted before. The picture above features the Oreo cookie cupcakes. For this particular recipe, I’ve used Oreo cookies, but you can use any kind of cookies you like. The steps are pretty simple. Beat together butter and powdered sugar. Add in warm milk Read More →

With this simple recipe, you can be as much or as little adventurous as you want. You can easily play up a theme by adding fun colors or flavors to this recipe.  Recipe shown here is a vanilla glaze, but you can add any flavor you please. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:32]

Vanilla buttercream icing 14

Getting your vanilla buttercream right is probably your first step into cake decorating. Without a proper flavor or consistency of your icing, your cake may not taste like what you had hoped for. This recipe is the basic step towards getting your cake right. Today, I will share with you the recipe that I use Read More →

10 Mint Chocolate  Chip ICing

I’ve used the Vanilla Cupcakes recipe in this picture to go with my Mint Chocolate Chip Icing. This was my first time trying out a very different flavoring from my regular vanilla extract. I’ve made other kinds of flavored frosting before (strawberry, salted caramel, maple etc), but I’ve never used flavoring oils, it has always been Read More →

Salted Caramel ChocolateCakew

I used my trusted chocolate mayonnaise cake recipe for the base of this cake. I absolutely love chocolate! Chocolate will be my choice of cake any given day. It is (IMO) the best flavor there can ever be! Pair it up with another amazing flavour: salted caramel, and voila! You’ve got a whole lot of Read More →


Royal icing can be used for a variety of decorating purposes like for making flowers for your cakes or for making some beautiful designs on your cookies as shown in my picture above. The best part about royal icing decorations is that you can make these well in advance and not worry about it going Read More →


We all have that one friend who is absolutely in love with pink, would do anything to have everything pink and probably would pay to get the whole world painted pink! One of my best friends is like that too. She absolutely loves pink and owns almost everything in pink (I honestly didn’t think there was Read More →


Cream cheese frosting has a very strong taste that complements almost any kind of cake, but mostly vegetable based cakes like carrots and beets IMO. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:12] Pair this white chocolate cream cheese icing with red velvet beets cake featured in the image.