strawberry-icingWe all have that one friend who is absolutely in love with pink, would do anything to have everything pink and probably would pay to get the whole world painted pink! One of my best friends is like that too. She absolutely loves pink and owns almost everything in pink (I honestly didn’t think there was a market for pink cellphones lol)! Either way, she came down to my city  last week with her new husband. It was also St. Patrick’s day! Perfect time to show off all the drunk people in the city haha. I hadn’t seen her in over 4 years, which also means I wasn’t able to attend her wedding ceremony. So, I thought of baking her a tiny wedding cake (for two, but really six) with pink icing. Every time I see pink, I think of strawberries which I’m pretty sure most people do. My idea was to incorporate fresh strawberries into the icing which will give the icing its natural pink color and the flavor! I looked up a couple of recipes online and tired the one which used 1/4 cup of strawberry puree. This did not work so well for me as my stiff buttercream icing turned watery thin as soon as I mixed the puree in. I tried to save it with shredded coconut, but that did not go well at all! My recipe can be found below (the one I ended up making in desperation for a good strawberry buttercream icing).

Chocolate cake

Please refer to my Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake post for the cake recipe.


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4 Thoughts on “Strawberry icing

  1. Fantástico… Una verdadera maravilla.

  2. I used to use Deb El Just Whites until they stopped making it in the 8 oz size. Now that you mentioned Wilton Meringue Powder, I am going to look for it in the AC Moore craft store. Thanks. It is a good substitute for the Deb El product.

  3. Deb El was more economical when they sold it in supermarkets in a 8 oz size rather than 3 oz, like they have it now. I notice craft stores have more Wilton products. However, there are better buys on the web, which I am now going to use for baking chocolate. My favorite baking chocolate is now sold at half the quantity for the same price. The sugar companies did the same thing. I do anything to get around the use of baking chocolate just for the sake of protest.

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