Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of drinks recipes because it has gotten way too hot over here and I do not wish to turn on the oven unless I absolutely have to. I wasn’t able to do many cakes this week for the same reason. I am hoping to get back to baking this weekend now that the temperature has started to drop. So once again, after the popular chocolate raspberry brownie, I am going to do a recipe on this wonderful duo: raspberry and chocolate! I thought I was absolutely in love with the chocolate-strawberry combo, but this one totally blows my mind away! The flavors are strong, not quite overpowering, but simply getting along so very beautifully. It is amazing :)

I got this recipe from All Women Stalk when I was looking for a healthy smoothie recipe. This recipe is very simple and sort of healthy; depending on whether you use fat-free ingredients or not. Fat or no fat, this smoothie is delicious! There is only one thing I do not like about raspberries and that is the seeds! I hate them, I hate chewing on them, and I hate everything about them. No matter how many chances I give them, it is just not going to work out between us the way I would like it to lol. So, the next time I make this smoothie, I’m going to strain the raspberry juice and use that in the smoothie.   Here’s how to make a lip smacking chocolate raspberry smoothie. Put raspberries, chocolate chips, yogurt, milk and vanilla essence in a blender.

Oh and ice! If you so prefer.

Blend until smooth.

And some more.

The reason for so many pictures is that I just got my Dad a Canon T3i DSLR kit that he’s wanted for quite some time now.

What a beauty! Currently, it is under my custody and so I was trying it to make sure everything works perfectly! ;) That’s just me un-boxing it and putting it all together lol. I absolutely love it! I think the pictures came out a lot better than with my HTC Amaze. Although, I’m not sure yet if I’d be using it as much as Dad. It has got more features on it than I’ll ever use lol. All in all, it is great and helps you take amazing pictures. Whether or not you will be making use of it, is totally up to you! If you’ve got an opinion on DSLRs or just food photography in general, please share in the comments section below :) I’m pretty new to this and I’d love to get any feedback or suggestion.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:38]

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