I’ll be very honest with you all. I do not like the tangy cream cheese flavor. On its own, I find it way too strong for to use on anything. This cream cheese filling, however, is so light in texture and slightly milder tasting than the real stuff. I used this on my blueberry cream cheese rolls and those turned out delicious!

 I have also previously used this recipe in place of mascarpone cheese in Tiramisu. Yes, it is cheating, but with mascarpone cheese being as expensive as it is, I feel like this is a good alternative. I haven’t had a lot of tiramisu in my life, so I’m not the best judge of how different tasting it is than the real thing.

This is a very simple recipe. Pretty much just blend everything together and use it. Make sure to blend the cream cheese first to a smooth paste.

And then add the whipped cream, icing sugar, and vanilla bean paste or extract.

It will look like it is curdling, but keep mixing and it will come together.


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