What a beautiful day to return to blogging!


And not just to blogging about anything, it’s blogging about cakes and bars and everything delicious! That, my friend, is always exciting (besides going out for walks and actually enjoying the beautiful weather lol)! So today I will be sharing the recipe for this gorgeous German chocolate cake. Chocolate cake layered and filled with coconut pecan filling.

Contrary to the popular belief, this cake is in no way German, but American! It was named after a guy whose last name was German who also developed a type of Dark Chocolate. I mean, it is hard as it is to come up with anything new. Imagine developing a whole new kind of chocolate! If I were him, I’d do less developing and more testing (if you know what I mean ;) Haha!) Either way! This cake is simply delicious! A little bit on the drier side, but with all that gooey goodness on top of it, it was the least of my problems! Also, if you cannot stand the dryness of this cake, you can always turn to the no-fail method of drizzling some sugar syrup on your cake layers. I prefer using just water with some vanilla essence as most of my cakes are sweet enough to begin with IMO.  So this recipe made two layers of 6-inch cake and about 8 cupcakes. Here are two of them! You can tell that I was borderline obsessing over that cup being in my pictures lol. For a good reason though! These cupcakes go sooo well with milk! And trust me, that is exactly what was in that cup! :D


So here goes! It may look like a lot of work, but it is so worth it! Without a doubt this was one of the best German chocolate cakes I’ve ever had (in all fairness, out of the two I’ve had before). Traditionally, it not supposed to be iced, but hey if you want to cover your cake in frosting, you go for it! :D

There are five different steps in this recipe which are later put together to make the cake batter. I will try my best to make it less confusing for you, but make sure you read the whole recipe first before attempting this recipe.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:3]

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