Every day I check Amazon to see if there are any good Ebooks on sale or available for free. Here’s what I found today:

Good Ebooks On Sale

  1. Luscious Berry Desserts (Luscious Desserts) $8.79 – Save 45%
  2. The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook: Cookies, Cakes, Candies, and More for $10.42 – Save 53%
  3. Baking with the Cake Boss: 100 of Buddy’s Best Recipes and Decorating Secrets $18.99 – Save 37%
  4. Bon Appétit Desserts: The Cookbook for All Things Sweet and Wonderful for $9.99 –  Save 75%

Good Ebooks For Under $1

  1. Make-Ahead Mix Day: Complete Recipes and Instructions for On-Hand Homemade Quick Mixes for $0.99
  2. The Dumpling for $0.99
  3. Circle of Friends Cookbook – 25 Savory Pie Recipes for $0.99

Free Ebooks

  1. Paleo Desserts: Muffins, Scones, Fruits, Cakes, Cookies (Paleolithic Diet)
  2. Classic Cookies: Recipes for making Perfect and Delicious Cookies
  3. Some Lovin’ From the Oven Family Favorites:Snacks ~ Fruit Breads ~ Treats & Squares
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