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Good Ebooks On Sale

  1. The Cake Mix Doctor for $2.51 – Save 84%
  2. Flour, Too for $13.19 – Save 62%
  3. Bake It Like You Mean It: Gorgeous Cakes from Inside Out for $9.50 – Save 68%
  4. The Betty Crocker The Big Book of Cupcakes (Betty Crocker Big Book) for $9.99 - Save 50%

Good Ebooks For Under $1

  1. Justice Pies: 20 Delicious and Easy Pie Recipes from the Justice Pie Project for $0.99
  2. Top 50 Most Delicious Homemade Sorbet Recipes (Recipe Top 50’s) for $0.99
  3. Square Recipes from Scratch (Grama G’s Top Homemade Recipes From Scratch) for $0.99

Free Ebooks

  1. 32 Delicious Low-Fat Dessert Recipes Under 250 Calories
  2. 30 Delicious Ice Cream Cake Recipes
  3. Best Pie Recipes

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