Another close-up shot, if the first one wasn’t close enough lol!



Let’s just say that if you’re in Canada and decide to buy gallons of Maple syrup without thinking about what you will be doing with it, you will be forced to use it in your baking (Darn it! ;)).

You can drizzle maple syrup on anything and it will make that thing almost twenty times awesome-er! Like eggs for example! When I first came to Canada, I thought it was the worst idea to put something sweet on something that is otherwise consumed salty. I mean why would anyone want to do that? After having been to the sugar shack every year and covering everything in my plate with maple syrup (from eggs to home baked beans to carrots!), I keep asking myself why wouldn’t anyone WANT to do THAT? I’m a sucker for home baked beans, but I refuse to try to make it myself. Every time I’ve done that, I’ve lost the temptation of getting it from the actual place. So, I decided not to ruin the sugar shack experience for myself ;) Oh! And the maple taffy! That is like the best thing ever! Goodness! And now I’m drooling all over my keyboard lol.

So yeah! I split a gallon of maple syrup with a friend and ended up with four whole cans all to myself.

maple-fudgeI HAD to make something amazing with it. Couldn’t just let all that maple syrup sit in my cabinet wondering when they’ll be used :( I can’t be that heartless now, can I? *evil smirk* I made the sweetness of maple syrup even more sweet by making fudge out of it! And now you can too!


Ahh! Look at all that sweet sweet maple syrup flow! :D


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8 Thoughts on “Maple Fudge

  1. Delicioso. Me gusta muchísimo.

  2. I have never made fudge…I think I should rectify that very soon!!

    • Buttercreamgirl on July 2, 2013 at 7:22 PM said:

      You most definitely should Catherine :D It is soo very creamy, it simply melts in your mouth! Mmmmmm so good!

  3. I was going to make this tonight. However, I am confused about the butter. When do you add it? The instructions to cut it into cubes implies that we are supposed to add it to the batter. There is too much butter to merely grease the baking pan. For most of these fudge recipes, an 8X8 inch pan is adequate.

    • Oh yikes! I’m so sorry you couldn’t make this recipe because I forgot to mention when to add the butter:/ You’re right, it does go into the boiling process. So you add the first *four* ingredients in the saucepan and bring it to a boil :) Thanks for pointing it out! I will fix it in the recipe box too :)

  4. I just made it and it is in the refrigerator after a couple hours cooling off. It still was wet; so I hope it gets hard. Since I only have unsalted butter, I added some crushed salt crystals. The color is a little weird. I had mostly a brown colored syrup; but I had to add another type to bring it up to half a cup which was amber.

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