This drink is so refreshing! And so very yummy :) Perfect for a hot summer day. You can have it as is or freeze it in a freezer pop maker to make frozen treats for kids. This is my recipe and I am still in the process of making changes and improving it. If you find a better way of making it, please do share it in the comments section below :) I’d love to hear from you :D

I used Orange and Clementine to give it a good mix of flavors.

I’d suggest juicing them or blending them without the pith and seeds. The pith and seeds make your orange cream smoothie bitter. I blended mine, pith and all and honestly, I did not mind it. If you’re like me and like a tad bit of bitterness to your creamsicle, you will enjoy this smoothie! :) You can also use store bought orange juice to make this smoothie, but be aware of the sugar content in it. To make this orange smoothie, add your orange, Clementine, yogurt, honey, milk and vanilla bean paste in a blender and blend away!

Use low-fat yogurt and skim milk to make this a low calorie healthy option. I like to drink this at snack times as it fulfills my craving for sweet and keeps me fuller (I think! Lol)

Relax and enjoy this deliciously refreshing drink :) it is also quite healthy without the added sugar :D[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:37]

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