This recipe is basically a variation of the vanilla buttercream icing I’ve posted before. The picture above features the Oreo cookie cupcakes. For this particular recipe, I’ve used Oreo cookies, but you can use any kind of cookies you like. The steps are pretty simple. Beat together butter and powdered sugar. Add in warm milk (I used whipping cream for this recipe) and continue to beat.

Add in the vanilla essence and beat until desired consistency is reached. I’ve used vanilla bean paste in this recipe which is why you can see the little black specks in the picture. You can use vanilla extract. Next, you will need the main ingredient – Oreos.

Grind them up to fine powder using a food processor or a little chopper.

Add the cookie crumbs into the frosting and blend just until combined. I used 10 cookies, but in the future I’ll use less because I did not like the grey/brown color to the frosting.

Your frosting is ready! Frost away! :D

This frosting recipe can also be used as a filling for cakes.


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