Lately, I’ve been craving a lot for cookies. Nothing in particular, just something that is soft and chewy and is loaded with deliciousness. I decided to make these red velvet cookies because I wanted the cocoa flavor in there, but not overpowering cocoa flavor and because these were fairly easy to make. I simply added food coloring and cocoa powder to a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe to make this. It may not be the authentic red velvet cookies, but I was pretty pleased! :D I also used white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. So, here’s my recipe for red velvet cookies J Start by creaming the butter and sugar together.

Then add vanilla extract and eggs.

Then add cake flour (or all purpose flour), baking soda, cocoa powder and your red food coloring.

Mix well. Mine turned pink after this stage because of course I just can’t get myself to pour out all of the gel coloring from the container lol. I was happy with pink nevertheless.

It also gave me an idea for the holidays. You can make these cookies for Christmas and color them red and green! Wouldn’t that be so festive?! :D You can also choose to top these cookies with cream cheese frosting. Also, if you’re short on time and cannot make these red velvet cookies from scratch, you can simply buy a red velvet cake mix to make these :D There’s so much you can do with these homemade cookies :) Sorry for drifting away like that. I really need to focus on how to make these red velvet cookies *embarrassed* Next, add your white chocolate chips or chunks. I used a mixture of both in my cookies.

In some cookies, I hid little white chocolate discs.

Spoon the cookie dough onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I rolled mine only because I wanted them to look pretty for the pictures lol.

Bake them and enjoy! :D They’re so delicious and chewy.. it’s madness!

Just look at them! *drooling*.

Up close and stacked :D

Recipe adapted from Joy of Cooking.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:46]

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