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Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 1 I’ve had a range of comments and questions about my hunting dog cake that I had made, but the most common question was, “how did you know where to start?”. In all honesty, I didn’t! A week before the cake was due I was freaking out so much because I really had no idea whatsoever. I didn’t know if I wanted to carve a cake out of stacked round cakes or if I wanted to bake the cake into a shape (like a giant muffin) and carve that into a dog. Either way, I knew I had to do this and do this right because there was a lot of expectation from me and this cake.

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 2 I spent the night fretting over how I’d be doing things with this cake. All I knew was how to do the water with frosting lol. Anyway, next morning I woke up to an email sitting in my inbox from this really cool website I had signed up for – Craftsy.

Craftsy LogoThey had a brand new cake decorating course on Dog Sculpting by Elisa Strauss! I mean what are the chances!? This was a sign, and I had to take it! Lol. Yes, I signed up for the course and boy I was so glad I did! I felt so much more comfortable and prepared to take on the dog sculpting challenge.

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 3

So craftsy, like the name suggests, has a whole bunch of craftsy instructional courses from knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, to cake decorating and a whole lot more.  I initially signed up to try their FREE Hand-Painted Cake decorating course that they offered. I honestly, was so amazed at how good their free course was, I just couldn’t wait to do their other courses! These courses are great because I was able to do them at my own pace and convenience, during any time of the day I wanted to. Having a full-time job gives me very little time to learn things on the side; unless I’m willing to give up on my weekend. This course let me keep my weekend to myself and learn about cake decorating right after work in my own home :) Also, because I was short on time, I was able to skip to the part with the head sculpting without really having to go through the course for the whole body as it wasn’t even required for my cake design.

The best part is that it’s like a real course with a real instructor. If you ask the instructor a question while you’re watching the course, your question gets stamped with the playing time from the video so your instructor can go back to the exact moment when you had a question and answer it as best as they can :)

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 4

So here’s how I did it, I watched the introduction and the head sculpting part of the course and as suggested in the course, I used a lot of reference pictures of the dog I wanted to make. I taped all them up on my cabinet so I had them right in front of me if I needed to take a quick look at them while sculpting.

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 5

And then I started!

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 6 Yes, it is a lot of mess, but it turned out really well for my first try! Then I watched the part of the course where the instructor taught to cover the head in fondant and I did just that!

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 7 Except that mine didn’t quite look so much like a dog lol (I blame it on humidity for making the “fur” look like a smooth pig’s skin and for the tearing of my fondant!). All the people close to me, whose judgement I trust and criticism I appreciate, told me that it looked like a pig. Lol. Hmm, maybe it did! So I set out to watch the fur part of the course (honestly, in my head I thought, “pfft! I don’t have to watch something so trivial”, but I SO did!).  I started to add the fur around the nose to fix it and make it not look like a pig’s snout.

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 8

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 9 Then, I proceeded to put some distinctive fur marks (the white around its nose and on the forehead) of this dog on the cake. The humidity had begun to displace its eye at this point lol.

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 10 I continued to make fur on its face. And that’s when I ran out of the colored fondant. I colored some more and it didn’t match! Ugh! I put the new colored fur on the dog anyway in hopes that it won’t be too noticeable. But it was. :(

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 11 And very much so!

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 12 I ended up coloring more fondant to match the initial color of the fur. Put some more fur on the dog’s face and it was done! No mismatched fur colors this time lol.

Sculpted 3D Dog Cake 13 I was pretty happy with how it turned out in the end. It defied all odds against humidity and bad judgement regarding how much fondant will be required lol. Thankfully, the dog sculpting course was offered just in time. It taught me where and how to start :) All in all I was really happy with my course. I’ve signed up for a bunch on them already, but the next one on my reviewing list will be the Intro to Modeling Chocolate course (Only for $10.39 right now!) by Lauren Kitchens.

Online Cake Decorating ClassIf you’re one of those lucky people to come across this post in time, guess what!? Craftsy has a summer sale going on right now!

Craftsy The discounts are up to 75% off! Currently, the Basic Fondant Techniques course is offered for FREE and the Sculpted Dog Cake for $15.59! If that isn’t madness, I don’t know what is! Rush over to Craftsy now to get your discounted courses! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to register for their other amazing FREE courses!

free modern buttercream cake decorating class<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

You will love them! Also, if u guys would like to see future deals or new available free courses, please let me know in comments section below. Even if you want me to review a course! :)


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