Yet once again, I’m posting a recipe that does not require baking. It is sort of shameful, but I have to do what I have to do when I need a sweet treat and do not want to turn on the oven :D. This treat was mostly a put-together treat with anything I could find on hand. It is very simple and easy to make and requires less than 5 minutes of your time. You will just need just three ingredients (or four if you decorate it with chocolate chips) for this recipe.

What I realllyy wanted was ice cream, but I settled for pudding because it was too late for me to go get some ice cream x-(. If I had gone anyway, it couldn’t have been a 5 minutes recipe. I could’ve as well just baked something! Lol. To make the graham cracker pudding dessert, crush some graham crackers and put them in a bowl.

Then whip together your whipping cream with the pudding mix until it looks like a stiff consistency icing.

I was able to whip up the cream and pudding with this super whisk in less than 5 minutes! I love this whisk! If you’re someone like me who will avoid using too many dishes at all cost (because I hate doing the dishes), then this whisk is great for you! It will save you from cleaning out the giant stand mixer bowls and the beaters, instead you just get to wash out just this one whisk (and you can lick the bowl clean lol). It is great and it does cut down on your whisking time :) Put spoonfuls of your whipped pudding onto the crushed graham crackers and decorate it with some chopped chocolate chips.

You can also chop a chocolate bar of your choice or simply drizzle with some chocolate ganache.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:39]

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