This bar is so easy; your 2 year old can make it! Well maybe not, but it is super duper easy! :D All you have to do is buy your items, mix them together and chill before stuffing your mouth with it (because it’s so delicious!). It has a very nice balance of the sweetness from Dulce de Leche and the saltiness forms the crackers. The Skor bits complete these bars by providing the crunch to it. Deliciousness in every which way imaginable! :) The one thing I didn’t do was to add in chocolate chips. I’m sure that would’ve perfectly complimented this already gorgeous treat.

I was introduced to this simple treat at a potluck by a colleague. He loves it and had made it plenty of times before bringing it to potluck, but unfortunately on the day of potluck he was short on condensed milk and didn’t put in enough; resulting in this treat ending up as a crumble rather than a bar. Regardless, it was delicious! When he told me to combine only three ingredients together (Ritz crackers, condensed milk and Skor bits) and letting it chill, I was blown away! I tried his recipe and found it to be very sweet. Somehow using Dulce de Leche makes it less sweet (go figure!).

Here’s how you can make these in less than 15 minutes. First and foremost, gather all your ingredients.

Pay extra attention to this magical ingredient. Yummy! I can take a spoon to it and not regret a thing lol.

Begin by crushing your Ritz crackers. I used my hands to crush the crackers because I like to have varying sizes of cracker pieces in my bar.

You can by all means use a food processor if you like them to be super fine. Next, add in your Skor bits. I usually use the whole pack, but you can put it in according to your preference :)

Finally, mix in your delicious Dulce de Leche. I bought a can because I find it convenient that way, but if you want to, you can totally make your own! :) Before that, take a look at this! *drool face*

Yes, now you can mix it in lol.

Use a spoon to combine it all together. Make sure to coat all your Ritz crackers because this will determine whether or not your bars will stick together. Very important! After you’re done, it’ll look like a wet, gooey deliciousness.

Prepare a pan (any size, shape or form really) and line it with parchment paper.

Then put all of your Ritz cracker mixture in the pan.

Guess who couldn’t keep their hands still! X-( You get the point! Warning: Do not stare at the picture for too long; it will give you motion sickness lol. Anyway! Using the back of a spoon, flatten the mixture while pressing hard to pack it tightly.

Leave it in the refrigerator to chill. I chilled it for about an hour.

I don’t quite understand the color change in the above before and after chilling pictures. Must’ve been one hell of a transformation from Skor bits bars to (wait for it!)…

Skor bits bar! Haha. Cut them into bars and serve!

Jenga anyone?!

This is NOT a serving size. I repeat. This is NOT a serving size! Lol. Enjoy![amd-zlrecipe-recipe:33]

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