Upside down?

Or downside up? Either way, you are sure to enjoy these scrumptious S’more pops.

Being a Sunday today, I decided to take it a little easy on the baking. These S’more pops are so easy to make yet are so delightful in every which way possible. These go well with your BBQ parties especially if you have a couple other things to make that require more of your time. With these, if you’re not roasting them on fire, you’re popping them on sticks :D Here’s how to do themThe two main ingredients you will need are semi-sweet chocolate chips and marshmallow


To make these a little more than just marshmallows covered in chocolate, you will also need some graham crackers.
Crushed graham crackers.
And of course lollipop sticks! Start off my melting chocolate chips in the microwave for 1 minute at 50% power. Give it a good stir and make sure there to get rid of any lumps.
You should have a nice smooth melted chocolate.
Next, dip one end of your pop stick into the melted chocolate and put it through the marshmallow.
Allow the chocolate to harden a bit (about a minute), then dip the marshmallow in chocolate.
9Immediately, cover your marshmallow with graham crackers.
Let it set for a bit and enjoy!


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5 Thoughts on “S’more Pops

  1. At first the photo suggest that this was a kind of candy apple. Maybe we just hit upon an idea!

  2. No, not overkill, but flavor complexity.

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