royal-icing-sugar-cookie-stampI found this super cute cookie stamper and I knew immediately that I wanted to make cookies for my friend to bring home. This product is by SuckUk (I have no idea why it is called that) and they have three different messages that read “Eat Me”, “Homemade” and “I Love You”. Because I’m on a baking supplies and accessories budget, I just bought one.


But oddly enough I still have enough room in my drawer for exactly two others ;) haha!


So sugar cookies to me, are really Christmas time cookies. Only because they taste so great and you can decorate them however you want and make them look perfect for that Christmas cookie exchange at work or simply for gift giving. Because they are sturdier than many other kinds of cookies and stay fresh for relatively longer (if stored properly), these can also be used as ornaments for Christmas trees as well. Yes, I know it is not Christmas yet, but I just had to put it in there because that is all I thought while baking these cookies. I was making these cookies for a friend who was travelling home and wanted to bring these to the family to share a little part of Canada (alongside maple syrup and maple candy of course lol). They made it half way across the world intact much to my surprise to be honest.

Because it was around springtime here in Canada, I decided to decorate them all in a very colorful spring-like theme.


I’ve made sugar cookies before, only to be disappointed in how they looked after being baked. No recipe was able to give me cookies that held its shape through baking. Then during my research for a good sugar cookie recipe, I came across the NFSC – No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe by Jackie. Although I did not really use fancy cutters for my cookies, my cookies came out of the oven only slightly bigger than the size they went in; which honestly is not bad at all.

The cookies tasted very much like any other sugar cookie, but less buttery. If I’m just making round cookies the next time, I might add a little more butter to the recipe. That’s just my preference though. I’d also like to mention that if you have a kitchenaid 5.5 qt mixer, the cookie dough will spill! Not like it’s a bad thing (for cookie dough lovers), but it can get really messy. I suggest covering your bowl with a paper towel or a cloth of some sort. Unfortunately, I was scrambling to cover my mixer bowl with something or another, so I could not get a picture of my over flowing bowl. It sure was a fun sight to see! Lol. After that, it was freezing the dough, rolling out and cutting. Easy peazy!


After baking them, I let them cool and then decorated them with royal icing. I also added some sprinkles and colored sugar on a couple of them just to give them that extra bling! I absolutely love sprinkles and I tend to stock them up – occasion or not! Here’s a picture of the ones I’ve used on my cookies.

royal-icing-sugar-cookie-stamp royal-icing-sugar-cookie-stamp royal-icing-sugar-cookie-stamp

Have fun baking and decorating!


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2 Thoughts on “Sugar Cookies

  1. I suck at making cookies. Guarantee if i make this it won’t look anywhere as good as yours. Good job!

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