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I’m back! After a stressful one week of work, I’m back to blogging! As you can tell from the picture I’ve reached 200 likes on FB! It went really quickly from a 100 to 200 and I did not have the time to type up the recipe then. But now is the right time to Read More →

If you’ve been browsing food blogs lately, you must have come across these delicious brownies called slutty brownies. Why slutty? I don’t know, I didn’t name them that, but I do know that these are absolutely yummy! A layer of chocolate chip cookie on the bottom with an Oreo cookie in the middle topped with Read More →

I love chocolate chip cookies! They’re my favorite ones next to the chocolate chunk cookies with macadamia nuts, but they’re both essentially the same thing lol. This chocolate chip cookie has just the right amount of chocolate to it. It’s there to give enough of the chocolaty feel, but does not take too much away Read More →

Another delicious smoothie recipe! I’ve been doing a lot of smoothies lately because they work great as meal replacements and are packed with all the good things your body requires. This particular one is not quite diet friendly because of its high calorie count due to bananas, but it does have a good amount of Read More →

Yet once again, I’m posting a recipe that does not require baking. It is sort of shameful, but I have to do what I have to do when I need a sweet treat and do not want to turn on the oven :D. This treat was mostly a put-together treat with anything I could find Read More →

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of drinks recipes because it has gotten way too hot over here and I do not wish to turn on the oven unless I absolutely have to. I wasn’t able to do many cakes this week for the same reason. I am hoping to get back to baking this Read More →

Ever felt like treating yourself to a homemade dessert of your choice, but you just don’t want to put in all that effort to make something? You’ve come to the right place! Even as a baker, there are days when I simply do not want to do a thing. Not even bake (gasp!). Having a Read More →

Chocolate Ganache Tarts

Today’s recipe is a tad bit on the complicated side. I won’t say it is very difficult, but it does take a whole lot of waiting around and rolling out the dough and all. I personally do not enjoy that part of tart shell making at all. This recipe was good and the result was Read More →


Upside down? Or downside up? Either way, you are sure to enjoy these scrumptious S’more pops. Being a Sunday today, I decided to take it a little easy on the baking. These S’more pops are so easy to make yet are so delightful in every which way possible. These go well with your BBQ parties Read More →

Microwave Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie

This is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever come across. You don’t need an oven for this! Yes, that’s right! You do not need an oven! You will, however, require a microwave to be able to make this scrumptious brownie. Oh and did I tell you; it barely takes any time to prepare these Read More →