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Chocolate Raspberry ganache

This ganache is to die for! It tastes heavenly! It will go well with almost anything from raspberry chocolate brownies to chocolate mayonnaise cake to Clementine! Yes, I said Clementine. You can use this ganache recipe as a dip for your fruits to give them that extra wow factor It is so delicious, you cannot get Read More →

Raspberry Chocolate Brownie

This brownie recipe is by far the best one I’ve tried! It is originally from the book called Brownie Points by Lisa Slater, but I made a few changes here and there to suit my needs. The recipe was a perfect blend of raspberries and the chocolate flavor. In all honesty, I don’t even like raspberries. Read More →

Twix Cookie Tarts

I love Twix! But then, who doesn’t? A layer of caramel joining that layer of crisp biscuit finger and chocolate! Yumm! There are all sorts of chocolate cookies out there like rolo cookies, ferrero rocher cookies and so on. I’m sure they’re all fantastic and put your mouth on an endless party mode, but these Read More →


I made these as a little gift for the building management because they are awesome and they do a wonderful job in keeping our building safe, secure and clean This recipe is a modification of the buttercrunch recipe I found on King Arthur Flour website. I had to modify it because I wanted to make Read More →


What a beautiful day to return to blogging! And not just to blogging about anything, it’s blogging about cakes and bars and everything delicious! That, my friend, is always exciting (besides going out for walks and actually enjoying the beautiful weather lol)! So today I will be sharing the recipe for this gorgeous German chocolate Read More →