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Ah the classics! They never get old! We had some cinnamon sugar mini donuts at work today and that reminded me of these similar tasting (but 20x awesome) cookies. The reward of being a baker is that you can bake anything any time of the day and still enjoy doing it (and the outcome lol). Read More →

Cinnamon sugar filling 1

Two simple ingredients, but so flavorful! You can use it as a filling in cinnamon rolls or as a coating on your pan for a banana bread loaf. I’ve used it in cinnamon rolls with strips of cooked chicken. Sweet and salty combinations always find their way to my mouth! Lol. I simply love it! Read More →

Blueberries are in season right now; and because they taste so great (and also because I love them) I have decided to do another blueberry recipe. I bought this big huge container of blueberries from Costco and although I can just have them as is, I love to put some into baked goods. Blueberry sauce Read More →