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I’m back! After a stressful one week of work, I’m back to blogging! As you can tell from the picture I’ve reached 200 likes on FB! It went really quickly from a 100 to 200 and I did not have the time to type up the recipe then. But now is the right time to Read More →

Cream cheese filling 1 FEAT

I’ll be very honest with you all. I do not like the tangy cream cheese flavor. On its own, I find it way too strong for to use on anything. This cream cheese filling, however, is so light in texture and slightly milder tasting than the real stuff. I used this on my blueberry cream Read More →


Cream cheese frosting has a very strong taste that complements almost any kind of cake, but mostly vegetable based cakes like carrots and beets IMO. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:12] Pair this white chocolate cream cheese icing with red velvet beets cake featured in the image.