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With this simple recipe, you can be as much or as little adventurous as you want. You can easily play up a theme by adding fun colors or flavors to this recipe.  Recipe shown here is a vanilla glaze, but you can add any flavor you please. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:32]

Vanilla buttercream icing 14

Getting your vanilla buttercream right is probably your first step into cake decorating. Without a proper flavor or consistency of your icing, your cake may not taste like what you had hoped for. This recipe is the basic step towards getting your cake right. Today, I will share with you the recipe that I use Read More →

10 Mint Chocolate  Chip ICing

I’ve used the Vanilla Cupcakes recipe in this picture to go with my Mint Chocolate Chip Icing. This was my first time trying out a very different flavoring from my regular vanilla extract. I’ve made other kinds of flavored frosting before (strawberry, salted¬†caramel, maple etc), but I’ve never used flavoring oils, it has always been Read More →