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If you’ve been browsing food blogs lately, you must have come across these delicious brownies called slutty brownies. Why slutty? I don’t know, I didn’t name them that, but I do know that these are absolutely yummy! A layer of chocolate chip cookie on the bottom with an Oreo cookie in the middle topped with Read More →

What a beautiful day today to blog about these absolutely gorgeous Oreo cupcakes Ever been to a birthday party or an event where Oreo cookie cupcakes were served that got you wondering how to make Oreo cupcakes? Well, being a baker, I feel like that is the first most reaction on looking at another baker’s Read More →

This recipe is basically a variation of the vanilla buttercream icing I’ve posted before. The picture above features the Oreo cookie cupcakes. For this particular recipe, I’ve used Oreo cookies, but you can use any kind of cookies you like. The steps are pretty simple. Beat together butter and powdered sugar. Add in warm milk Read More →