Twix Cookie Tarts

I love Twix! But then, who doesn’t? A layer of caramel joining that layer of crisp biscuit finger and chocolate! Yumm! There are all sorts of chocolate cookies out there like rolo cookies, ferrero rocher cookies and so on. I’m sure they’re all fantastic and put your mouth on an endless party mode, but these ones are way more than that! The crunch of this biscuit and the caramel flavor along with chocolate just puts it over the top! And they are so easy to make! Just bake.dip.fill.chill.and.enjoy! I had made these for a cookie bake-off at work. Most people did not consider to be a cookie and hoped for it to get disqualified for not looking like a traditional cookie. I called BS on it and I did not regret making these at all! If everyone simply followed the exact same pattern over and over again, there wouldn’t have been any innovations at all. So, either way! These were delicious! And I’m calling them cookie tarts to not offend any cookie lovers out there :D I got this recipe from Miranda’s Recipes blogspot and in my defence, she called them cookies too!

I have a confession to make about this recipe though. I kind of cheated and used a canned caramel sauce instead of making my own. If you can, I highly recommend making your own because it just tastes so much better than the store bought. But if like me, you are strapped for time, just go ahead and use a can. It’s great either way! :D I used the eagle brand dulce se leche caramel flavoured sauce.

eagle-brand-dulce-de-lecheI love this stuff! It’s so addictive! My advice to you will be to NOT lick the spoon while you’re doing this. Again, do NOT lick the spoon! You’re probably going to end up having it all right off the can. If you do feel rebellious and decide on licking the spoon, make sure to do that after you’re done filling in the tarts! Lol.

The first step to this recipe is making your cookie base. To make it, you can either use a food processor or a stand mixer with paddle attachment. I used my Kitchenaid mixer and it turned out perfectly. You can also cut butter into the flour using a fork, but be warned that it will be a lot of work. I do not have a picture of it, but once blended, the mixture should resemble coarse sand. The next part involves putting the mixture into a mini muffin pan and forming a cavity. Now, it’s time for the second confession. I chose this recipe for the cookie bake-off only because I wanted to use my new mini muffin pan! It looks absolutely cute and I couldn’t resist using it for the first thing I baked! Lol

Twix cookie tarts2

See what I mean? :D So, once you have a tablespoon of mixture into the each cavity of the mini muffin pan, use the back of your tablespoon measurement to press down and pack the mixture tightly into the cavity. Then, you bake it and voila!

Twix Cookie Tarts4

Glorious little golden brown cookie bases! You can either dip them in chocolate right after they cool and before filling in the caramel sauce, or you can dip them in after you fill them. In my experience, it was super messy to try to dip the cookies in chocolate AFTER filling them in with the sauce. But it’s totally your call depending on how you prefer to do it. I dipped them in chocolate, let the chocolate set for easier handling and then filled each one with caramel. Topped off with left over melted chocolate and here it is!

Twix Cookie Tarts3


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